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Real-Time Monitoring

CTL employs an advanced system for all of your monitoring needs.

Our system monitors network performance, analyzes logs, tests application availability, and collects trend data allowing us to know on a second-to-second basis not just whether your network and equipment is up, but whether or not it’s really working, and how well. Alarms generated are sent to our Network Support Center for rapid proactive response, and can be delivered directly to end-user points of contact. 

Some examples of sensed metrics include:

  • Equipment functionality and failover status
  • Centralized log collection and analysis
  • Internet/WAN connectivity and automated throughput measurement
  • Web, Windows and Linux application & service availability
  • SQL performance metrics, user load monitoring, and responsive scripted actions
  • General system performance metrics, such as disk/memory/cpu utilization and trend data
  • Application Installation, software changes, and newly-connected unknown devices
  • Environmental information, such as temperature and proper input voltages