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It is generally accepted in the security community that it is not if you will be breached, but rather when.

A breach in your organizations’ security and the loss or theft of information can be catastrophic; even fatal to your business. Although it is important to responsibly protect organizational and customer data, the essential components of security are knowing you’ve been breached – and knowing what you’ll do.

We specialize in hardened systems as well as the essential planning and consulting components of data security.

  • Advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Real-time Open Threat Exchange (OTX) integration
  • In-house, industry certified security professionals
  • 24x7x366 monitoring and rapid breach response, both on-site and remote from our Network Support Center.
  • Network and organizational security analysis and penetration testing
  • Advanced internal security implementation: two-factor authentication, 802.11X, port security, and encrypted storage and communications.